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Leadership Skills

  • Development of high efficiency genetic engineering systems for field crops.
  • Management of genetic engineering groups for production of genetically modified
        crops for higher productivity and improved nutrition for world population.

    Academic Training

  • Ph.D. (1988) Cell and Molecular Biology
        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
  • M.S. Agriculture (1977) Genetics & Plant Breeding
        1st class 1st, Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • B.S. Agriculture (1976)
        1st class 4th, Bangladesh Agricultural University,

    Professional Training

  • University of Durham (U.K.) on protein chemistry (1980)
  • CSIRO Division of Plant industry (Australia) on genetic transformation and
        molecular Biology (1989- 1996))
  • University of Minnesota (USA) on genetic transformation of soybean (1996-1999)
  • Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. on development of transformation techniques for
        common bean, tomato, sunflower and soybean (1999- present).
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Steven Covey), 1999
  • Duke University Certificate of Management (2002)
  • Dynamic New Approaches to Leadership and Management (2004)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management (2005)

    Patent or Invention Disclosures

  • Patent application on ‘Method for transforming soybean’ filed with United States,
        Canada and Argentina Patent Offices (2003)
  • Three Invention Disclosures submitted with Syngenta Biotechnology Inc.
        1. Development of transformation techniques for common bean. (2000)
        2. Development of transformation technique for sunflower (2001)
        3. Early prediction of germ-lines in soybeans using Taqman data (2005)
  • A constitutive promoter: DNA sequence from a subclover stunt virus.
        Patent issued to CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia (1998)

    Technical expertise

  • Breeding techniques and genetic analysis
  • Protein characterization
  • Isolation and culture of protoplasts
  • Tissue culture for regenerating plants
  • Gene isolation and chimeric gene construction
  • Gene promoter analysis
  • Gene transfer to plants
  • Northern, Southern and Western blotting analyses
  • Pulse and chase technique
  • PCR, Cell-free synthesis of protein
  • Field-testing of genetically engineered plants.
  • Awards and Honors

  • Received New Zealand Genetical Society's Award of Excellence, 1988.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship (New Zealand Government) for Ph. D. study, 1984.
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University Merit Scholarship, for M.S. study, 1975.
  • University talentship, Bangladesh Agricultural University for B.S. study, 1970.
  • Education Boards' Scholarship (meritorious performance) for H.S.C. study, 1968.

    Employment (Past and Present)

  • Staff Scientist III (Sep 2004 to date)
        Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
        Transformation Technology Group, Soybean Transformation Team.
  • Staff Scientist II (Mar 2002 to Aug 2004)
        Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
        Leader, Transformation Technology Group, Soybean Transformation Team
        (Epicotyl System)
  • Staff Scientist I (Mar 1999 to Feb 2002)
        Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
        Transformation Technology Group, Developed transformation systems for bean
        and sunflower.
  • Senior Scientist (Sep 1996 to Feb 1999)
        University of Minnesota
        Genetic engineering of soybean. Improvement of seed protein quality of soybean
        with a gene encoding sulphur-rich protein isolated from sunflower.
  • Research Scientist (Jun 1989 to Aug 1996)
        CSIRO, Division of Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia.
        Development of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation systems for
        subterranean clover and jute. Improvement of economic and agronomic value of
        subterranean clover by inserting useful genes.
  • UNDP Consultant (1993)
        Initiated a genetic engineering program on jute at the Bangladesh Atomic Energy
        Commission as an UNDP consultant. Conducted a course on Molecular Biology.
  • Ph. D. student (1984-1988)
        Botany Dept, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
        Tissue and Protoplast culture for improvement of mungbean and Oca
        (Oxalis tuberosa Mol).
  • Senior Scientific Officer (1982-1984)
        Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture.
        Improvement of chickpea and lentil through ionizing radiations as well as cross
        breeding methods.
  • Senior Scientific Officer (Sugarcane Breeder) (1981-1982)
        Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute, Ishurdi, Bangladesh.
        Breeding and genetic analysis of sugarcane.
  • Scientific Officer (1978-1981)
        Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture.
        Breeding and genetic analysis of rice and tomato.
  • Lecturer (1977-1978)
        Shere Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
        Botany Dept., Taught genetics courses to 3rd and 4th year B.Sc. students.


  • Dr. T. J. Higgins
        CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, Canberra
        GPO Box 1600, ACT - 2601, Australia.
        Tel: 61-2-6246 5063. Fax: 61-2 6246 5000.
  • Dr. Serajul Islam
        Adviser, Bangladesh Institute of Biotechnology
        Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
        Tel. 800-2-9006035
  • Dr. Rouf Mian
        Research Molecular Geneticist (USDA-ARS)
        Adjunct Faculty, Horticulture and Crop Sciences
        The Ohio State University
        215-A Williams Hall, OARDC
        1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, Ohio 44691
        Phone 330-263 3672.
  • Dr. Shib Sankar Basu
        Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
        3054 Cornwallis Road, RTP, NC 27709.
        Tel. 919-541 8668, Fax. 919 541 8585
  • Dr. Manuel Sainz
        Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
        3054 Cornwallis Road, RTP, NC 27709.
        Tel. 919-541 8505, Fax. 919 541 8585

    Published 18 Research papers in peer-reviewed journals, presented 14 papers in International conferences and authored two books.

    Research Articles:

  • Wenck, A., Pugiex, C., Turner, M., Dunn, M., Stacy, C., Tiozzo, A., Dunder,
        E., Van-Grinsvan, E., Khan, R., Sigareva, M., Wang, W-C., Reed, J., Drayton,
        P., Oliver, D., Trafford, H., Legris, G., Rushton, H., Tayeb, S., Launis,
        K., Chang, Y-F., Chen, D-F., Melchers, L. (2003) Reef-coral proteins as
        visual, non-destructive reporters for plant transformation. Plant Cell Reports
        22(4): 244-251.
  • Dear, B.S., Sandral, G.A., Spencer, D., Khan, M.R.I., Higgins, T.J.V. (2003)
        The tolerance of three transgenic subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.)
        lines with bxn gene to herbicides containing bromoxynil. Australian Journal of
        Agricultural Research. 54(2): 203-210.
  • Ke, J., Khan, R., Johnson, T., Somers, D.A. and Das, A (2001) High efficiency
        gene transfer to recalcitrant plants by Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Plant Cell
        Reports. 20:150-156.
  • Chu, P.W.G., Anderson, B.J., Khan, M.R.I., Shukla, D., Higgins, T.J.V. (1999)
        Production of bean yellow mosaic virus resistant subterranean clover (Trifolium
        subterraneum). Ann. Appl. Biology. 135(2):480-489.
  • Tabe, L., Molvig, L., Khan, R., Schroeder, H., Gollasch, S., Wardley-Richardson,
        T., Moore, A., Craig, S., Spencer, D., Eggum, B., Higgins, T.J.V. (1997)
        Modifying the sulphur amino acid content of protein in transgenic legumes.
        In: Sulphur Metabolism in Higher plants (Ed. W.J. Cram et al.). Backhuys
        Publishers. The Netherlands. pp. 87-93.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Ceriotti, A., Tabe, L.M., Aryan, A., McNabb, W., Moore, A., Craig,
        S., Spencer, D., Higgins, T.J.V. (1996) Accumulation of a sulfur-rich seed
        albumin from sunflower in the leaves of transgenic subterranean clover (Trifolium
        subterraneum L.) Transgenic Research 5:179-185.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Tabe, L.M., Heath, L.C., Spencer, D., Higgins, T.J.V. (1994)
        Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of subterranean clover. Plant
        Physiology 105:81-88.
  • Wandelt, C. I., Khan, M.R.I., Craig, S., Schroeder, H., and Higgins, T.J.V. (1992)
        Vicilin with carboxy-terminal KDEL is retained in the endoplasmic reticulum and
        accumulated to high levels in the leaves of transgenic plants. The Plant Journal.
  • Wandelt, C., Knibb, W., Schroeder, H. E., Khan, M. R. I., Spencer, D., Craig, S.,
        Higgins, T. J. V. (1991) The expression of an ovalbumin and a seed protein gene
        in the leaves of transgenic plants. Plant Molecular Biology 2. (Eds. R. Herman
        and B. Larkins) Plenum Press, New York. p.p. 471-478.
  • Schroeder, H., Khan, M.R.I., Knibb, W. R., Spencer, D., Higgins, T. J. V. (1991)
        The expression of a chicken ovalbumin gene in three Lucerne cultivars. Aust. J.
        Plant Physiol. 18:495-5056.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Heyes, J.K. and Cohen, D. (1988) Plant regeneration from oca
        (Oxalis tuberosa): The effect of explant type and culture media. Plant Cell Tissue
        and Organ Culture. 14: 41-50.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Heyes, J.K. and Cohen, D. (1987) Regeneration and somaclonal
        variability in oca (Oxalis tuberosa). Proc. International Congress of Plant Tissue
        Culture, Bogota, Colombia. September 21-26, 1987.
  • Shaikh, M.A.Q., Khan, M.R.I., Shamsuzzaman, K.M., and Bhuiya, A.D. (1983)
        Variability induction in chickpea through sodium azide treatment. Mutation
        Breeding Newslatter. 22: 9-10.
  • Hossain, M.A., Khan, M.R.I. and Shaikh, M.A.Q. (1982) Morphological and
        genetic variation in the hybrid derivatives of Oxheart and Anobic tomato cross.
        Bangladesh Journal of Botany. 11 (1):37-54.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Khanum, S., Shaikh, M.A.Q. and Kaul, A.K. (1981) Genetic studies
        in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill). Bangladesh Journal of Botany.
        10 (2): 157-163.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Gatehouse, J.A. and Boulter, D. (1980) The seed proteins of
        cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp). Journal of Experimental Botany (U.K.).
  • Kaul, A.K., Khan, M.R.I., Choudhury, M.H. and Shaikh, M.A.Q. (1978) Nutritional
        and cooking quality characters of some local rice cultivars of Bangladesh. Proc.
        Symp. Seed Protein Improvement by Nuclear Techniques. IAEA, Vienna.
        p. 167-179.

    Manuscripts under preparation

  • Khan, M.R.I. and Higgins, T.J.V (2006) Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of
        jute (Corchorus capsularis L.)
  • Khan, M.R.I., Somers, D. and Higgins, T.J.V. (2006) Stable expression of a
        sulphur-rich protein gene from sunflower in soybean seeds.


  • Kaul, A.K., Khan, M.R.I. and Munir, K.M. (1992) Rice quality: a survey of
        Bangladesh germplasm. Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Dhaka.
        Pages. 1-178.
  • Khan, M.R.I. and Podder, B.P. (1992) Sugarcane varieties in Bangladesh.
        Bangladesh sugarcane Research Institute. Pages. 1-129.

    Presentations at Scientific Meetings and Conferences

  • Ke, J., Khan, R.I., Somers, D.A., Das, A. (1998) An improved method for the high
        efficiency transformation of plants by Agrobacterium tumefaciens. In: 19th Annual
        Crown Gall Meeting, Nov. 7-8, 1998. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Donovan, C.M., Zhang, Z., Clemente, T.E., Higgins, T.J., and
        Somers, D.A., (1998) Genetic engineering of a sunflower sulfur-rich protein gene
        into soybean. 7th Biennial Conference on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of
        the Soybean, Knoxville, Tennessee, 26-29 July, 1998.
  • Islam, M.S., Ahmed, G., Hossain, A.B.M. , Khan, R.I. (1996) Genetic
        transformation of jute: Progress and Prospects. In: Support for Varietal
        Improvement of Jute and Kenaf. 5-13 August, 1996. International Jute
        organisation, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Spencer, D., Leigh, J., Moore, A., Holgate, M., Higgins, T.J.V.
        (1995) Field trial of genetically engineered subterranean clover containing genes
        for sulphur-rich protein and herbicide resistance. 2nd International Plant Tissue
        Culture Conference, Dhaka University, 17 -19 December, 1995, Dhaka,
  • Leigh, J., Spencer, D., Khan, M.R.I., Moore, A., Holgate, M., Higgins, T.J.V.
        (1995) Planned release of genetically engineered subterranean clover containing
        genes for sulphur rich protein and herbicide resistance. 35th Annual General
        Meeting of the Australian Society of Plant Physiologists, Sept. 26-29, 1995,
        Sydney, Australia.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Tabe, L., Aryan, A., Ceriotti, A., Craig, S., Higgins, T.J.V. (1994)
        Expression of a sunflower seed albumin gene in subterranean clover. 34th Annual
        General Meeting of the Australian Society of Plant Physiologists. Sept. 27-30,
        1994. Broadbeach, Queensland.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Heath, L.C., Spencer, D., Higgins, T.J.V (1993) Expression of
        foreign genes in subterranean clover. 33rd Annual General Conference of the
        Australian Society of Plant Physiologists. University of Western Australia. 26-31
        September, 1993.
  • Khan, M.R.I., Heath, L.C., Spencer, D., Higgins, T.J.V (1992) Agrobacterium-
        mediated transformation of subterranean clover. Australian Society of Plant
        Physiologists. La Trobe university, Australia. 29 September - 3 October, 1992.
  • Wandelt, C. I., Khan, M. R. I., Craig, S., Spencer, D., and Higgins, T. J. V., ER-
        retention signal enhances the expressioin of a pea vicilin gene. International
        symposium on plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. 24-26 September,
        1990, Australian Society of Plant Physiologists, Sydney, Australia.
  • Khan, M. R. I., Heyes, J.K. and Cohen, D., Variability induction in oca (Oxalis
        tuberosa Mol) by tissue culture: selection of better yielding types. Genetics and
        Tissue Culture Conference, (29 August - 2 September, 1988), Lincoln University,
        New Zealand.
  • Khan, M. R. I., Heyes, J.K. and Cohen, D., Regeneration and somaclonal
        variability in oca (Oxalis tuberosa Mol). International Congress of Plant Tissue
        Culture, Bogota, Colombia, September 21-26, 1987.
  • Khan, M. R. I. and Heyes, J. K., Tissue culture of mungbean (Phaseolus aureus
        Roxb). Sixth Biennial Conference of the New Zealand Branch of the International
        Association of Plant Tissue Culture, Massey University, New Zealand,
        February 12-13, 1985.
  • Khan, M. R. I. and Heyes, J. K., Plant regeneration from petiole and internode
        sections of oca (Oxalis tuberosa Mol). Sixth Biennial Conference of the New
        Zealand Branch of the International Association of Plant Tissue Culture, Massey
        University, New Zealand, February 12-13, 1985.
  • Khan, M. R. I., Research for nutritional improvement in Bangladesh. In a
        conference on 'Basic Needs' organized by the 'Overseas Development Institute' at
        the University of Birmingham (U.K.), April 7, 1980.

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